Activision Anthology Remix Edition

Spider Fighter, Kaboom, Space Invaders – any of these names will have tears of nostalgic American citizens, nearly a quarter of a century ago found the flowering of the first "real" game console, the Atari 2600. 4-bit graphics, the sound from the noise of varying pitch, one-touch controllers and gameplay that are born in between the third and fourth hand-rolled cigarette of marijuana … Indeed, the golden age. The trouble is that the inhabitants of one sixth of the continent, where the gaming experience starts with a PC and a joystick found only with the advent of cloned Dendy, that's it – an empty phrase.

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Back to the roots

Well, a brief educational program. That one little black cartridge on the right – the "father of all scrolling shooters" River Raid. The old man kept a stiff upper lip and manages interest (even for fifteen minutes), even after deadly-beautiful Ikaruga. Located near Pitfall, first brought to the screen arcade races on stuffed jungle perils. Unassumingly Grand Prix readily demonstrates, from which sprouted modern numbered F1, and Laser Gates, as twenty years ago, striking originality of conception. Can be called many names, but even if the mention of each of the 76 exhibits presented casually, it will take a good description of 60 kilobytes.

is played here in the old way, not for the sake of the plot or the charts – a real joy to bring only their own initials at the top of the list of "High scores", which fall into the great masters. For them cooked a special championship stripes, which can be obtained only for the most outstanding achievements. At the time, Atari actually sent them to their most distinguished clients, so that they can proudly show off badges before the astonished friends. Virtual counterparts, hang in orderly rows on the local board of honor, however, produced almost the same impression. In addition to the cork stand in fully three-dimensional room, replacing here the main menu, a reception with games, TV with proper attachment and radio, performing the same function as the radio in cars GTA: Vice City. Unfortunately, after the port (the original version of Activision Anthology for the PlayStation 2 came out) from nearly twenty tracks in the repertoire of the stations there are only eight, but they perfectly capture the atmosphere of those years. And if pouring from the speakers Alan Parson's Project still bored, no one bothers to replace it with something from my own playlist (supports mp3 and ogg).

But back to the main point – to the TV screen. In the selected game, you can slightly raise the difficulty level, disable color (for a very very deep dive, I suppose), and select one of the modes. Initially available only to "Classic", ie standard emulation, though performed at 5 +. In the future, as already mentioned collecting badges, opens a whole set of visual distortion that can compete with the variety of filters Photoshop. However, no new sensations, except, perhaps, the headaches do not bring these exercises and there are more "for show".

the gameplay itself is very good. And what more could you expect from a compilation, which included hits long-term exposure? But look at it for half a centimeter wide pixels can not everyone. Museum exhibit very pleasant to behold, when he lies to its rightful place, but just try not to listen to music on the newfangled NetMD-player, and an ancient gramophone. So here – in a collision with the realities of the past untrained young generation expects a light shock.

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* * *

At the amateur (as, indeed, and most of the retro-collections). Will burst through the thicket of primitivism – can not indulge in a dozen really good games. Although it is possible that it is better to go down the hall, there are celebrated Far Cry.

PS In order to facilitate the adaptation, refer to the corresponding entry in our database CEDB. Will not that bad.

System Requirements
Pentium II 300 MHz
128 MB
3D-accelerator with 8 MB of memory
250 MB of hard disk

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium II 450 MHz
256 MB
3D-accelerator with 8 MB of memory
250 MB of hard disk < br>
Developer: Barking Lizards Technologies and Activision
Publisher: MumboJumbo
Release date: November 3, 2003
Multiplayer: (2) head-to-head
Genres: Arcade, Platform, Shoot'em up, Virt. shooting, Fighting, Racing, Compilation
Similar games: Atari 2600 Action Pack, Atari Arcade Classics, Atari Arcade Hits, Atari Arcade Hits 2

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