Blupimania 2

It has long been the creation of logical games was considered the prerogative of a poor but creative "healthy" development. One really good idea, moderate hideousness realization – and life can not rest on our laurels, counting bills. An example of this – Crimsonland … Whoa, this is from a different sandbox. Examples are too famous to mention them, did not you, Mr. Pajitnov?

Blupimania 2 screenshot 1.
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Repin's painting

Imagine the shock faced with another "puzzle a few tens of megabytes" man who suddenly discovers in this game's fully three-dimensional graphics. Not some pathetic attempts sprite, spiced by three and a half special effects, and a beautiful and pleasant to talk to the engine. Accustomed to the "Warcraft" spinal cord immediately required immediately turn the camera and place it at an appropriate angle to the horizon. While consciousness has not rejected his insinuations because of their apparent meaninglessness, fingers groping native sequence "Ctrl with arrows", and is a natural wonder. Disembodied observer position in space is fully editable, and with such elegance that any strategy would envy. Unsuccessful sharp turn plunges players into a state of lasting insanity: the eye has the sun, generously flavored with the effect of "lens flare".

In a first approximation, Blupimania 2 like pure clone of the classic Sokoban : a race of yellow balls (self – blyupi) pushes boxes in selected areas artful manner, paving his way to his goal. Differences from prototype minimal – if the original boxes were placed on the "pre-prepared positions," but now they need to be thrown down, "on the first floor," and for them to get a balloon, taking away our hero to the next level. Thus, each load dumped expands the playing field, giving developers an extra reason to boil the brains gifted comrades.

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Blupimania 2 screenshot 2.
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This creative genius is not complacent: each new Four levels of the claimed eighty done in his style. Blyupiki a hat dressed, the scuba flippers, the scarves, then a cap – a small thing, but nice. Just transformed and the "inner world" – change the texture of earth, water, boxes, background objects, and even floating aimlessly above the main card of God's birds. Appear and unique means of intellectual expression – mines, exploding boxes, traps, you can go through only once, drill and push installation, carrying boxes of cranes, doors that do not squeeze with the burden, always turn left robots, etc. At each of the (once again remind you) eighty levels to hide something new and unexpected, a unique approach.

And if you happen to get stuck here to stay, we recommend the brilliant system prompts, never giving full description of the solution. A couple of hints, a sketch, a demonstration of the basic principles – easy overclocking for demanding free flight of fancy. Hereby elders offered a solid number of complex "daring" (challenges) increased complexity. The passing game will take at least a dozen evenings pleasant "mozgolomstva." Amenity provides a button "undo", monitor your actions from the start of the next level. Accidentally pushed the wrong box in the wrong direction? Want to try a cunning combination? No problem – it is very easy, convenient and intuitive.

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let us down a little voice. Everything seems to be as adults, even the sound of steps varies depending on the type of coating. Yellowish Blyupi nice little voice, respond to every order, than initially pretty cheer. On one of the cards over the water tempting hanging derelict diving board. In appearance – totally interactive. Confident movement blyupik be directed to the seething abyss, and then, as if nothing had happened, selflessly dives into the water, realizes his mistake and jumps back. Futile, but decorates! A perfect soundtrack for such entertainment, which has long been established professionals – pure, raw classical music. By Bach Blupimania 2 can be carried out day and night. Meditation.

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The project, wonderful in all respects except for bored voice. Very high-quality logic game for graphics, easy control, a lot of interesting and varied puzzles, a good map editor and the most right at the light hint system. If you like puzzles and are not suffering from an acute lack of system resources, there is no alternative.

System requirements
Pentium II 350 MHz
64 MB of memory < br> 3D-accelerator

Pentium III 500 MHz
128 MB

Developer: Epsitec
Publisher: Epsitec
Release date:
Distribution: conditional free
Multiplayer: None
Genres: Logic, Puzzle, 3D
Similar games: Color Buster, Soko-ban , Sokoban 1994

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