Cabelas 4×4 Off-Road Adventure 2

Consistency – certainly, the rate is high enough skill level. If you have not accepted the Research Institute for the profession of genetic engineering, but you have reached unsurpassed skill fashioned bagels, without checking with the testimony of the protractor – you honor and praise! Probably the nearby rogalichno-bublichny plant will be just pleased to see such Unicum among their mixers. And ennoble you his name, to the envy of our enemies and friends, a noble reputation rogalikolyapa. And if someone from the spiteful nerds (employees of the above R & D), based on venomous saliva, said: do not special-and talent needed in order to sculpt cakes – most importantly, do not get confused. To start zashvyrnite them in the face not doleplennoy products, and then vtolkuyte by improvised means, that in some ways too belong to the constellation of design engineers. And working with an organic product. Now, pressing baking nerd to the wall and securing the tongs to the design, get him to admit that you – genetic engineer. Beat frying pan. The brilliant genetic engineer. Ok, you can treat the poor fellow bagel.

No, of course, bread – also development; to confess – a brilliant design. A huge limitation.

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We cultivate your garden, or on a hat and tailored Eroshka

of the rising field of play at Cabela's 4X4 Off-road Adventure 2 turned out to be extremely flat and smooth. Butter and browned. But some skimpy on content.

is particularly depressing monotonous game modes. All six, except for "Freedom", are variations of one of entertainment. The main task – orienteering in search of purpose, a single pylon, jutting out of a rock ledge or hiding among the rare kustoobraznoy shoots. The only difference in the way of orientation. Here compass, map, or there metromer showing the remaining distance to the finish line … Alas, the ride every time account for the same landscape, except that damned stick sticking out of the other bulge.

In general, CAO 2 is very similar to his predecessor . Jeeps are traced more decent, but something happened to the landscape. Where have I gone so beloved by steep slopes, ridges, steep walls, which accounted for using the winch worm? Apparently, we went to Perunova meadows honey drink at the same time very technical device. Yes, unfortunately, the only thing that distinguished the first part of " cable " – winch, add diversity to the fight against irregularities – are relegated to the dynamic process. However, the average speed did not significantly increased: the cause is severe damage model. Please note, this is harsh, that, however, is not equivalent to the notion of "realistic".

For some reason, mostly suffering from right front wheel. It was his monstrous "figure eight" often lead to an inglorious end – about 70% of 100. The remaining percentage should be thanking the left front wheel. To be fair, a couple of times that my path was interrupted because of a long puff ordered the engine. By the way, all honestly recorded the casing is damaged, you can clearly see, the behavior of the machine have no effect. Present for the sake of "beauty."

Praise for the game can be a relative variety of available rattletrap, up to the APC, although because of the great mass of it is unfit even for rotten shoelaces. By and large, a jeep is so distinct advantage over all other instances, that the desire to use other means of transport does not occur. So much for a lousy balance … As expected, the work with the settings, change tires and rare auto upgrade any special effects with it not imply, although the physics and has undergone little change for the better. Of course, such miserable tricks with impunity as falling from a height 20 meters, the total lack of control at high speeds, and many other bloopers, cut up the game under the nuts.

is a pity, but CAO 2 definitely looks raw and unfinished. This is the case, there are not enough of a minimum. The slightest disturbance of mind. A dead calm at sea, as you know, sometimes worse than the storm.

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Sleep, my baby, sleep

If the notorious pots gods, is not yet known, as if there were boiling soup. Anyway, where we no bagels and serednyachkovyh games? It is useful for the measured lifetime and digestion. By the way, I can advise as a good sedative. Eat a low dose 30-40 minutes before bedtime. Psychological dependence does not cause, but when used in high doses inhibits several psychomotor functions.

System Requirements
Pentium II 300
32 MB of memory

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium III 600
64 MB of memory

Developer: Clever's Games
Publisher: Activision Value Publishing
Release date:
Multiplayer: None
Genres: Arcade, Racing, Cars, 3D
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