Cabelas 4×4 Off-Road Adventure 3

A person not on the intricacies of the game industry can be attributed Cabela's 4×4 Off-Road Adventure 3 for popular blockbusters. Not every game can survive the three versions and not drown. Human beings are fallible, and this is the case, when sounding name – is not a reason for making a final decision.

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parasitic capitalism

But CORA 3 and blooms bad smell. The developers finally rid us of the many modes, while maintaining the most delicious – "Freedom". So they are to some extent deprived of the stimulus to the passage of the player, but given the freedom of action, a limited number of quests. However, they also can not touch and ride until the money is no end. Institute of commodity-money relations are not intended to be conceptual, but is serious enough lever. Credits are awarded for completing quests, and idle cash flows will not occur. On the maps are establishments offering everything from a variety of parts for tuning up the machines themselves.

Wearing a true "horse" in steel armor – employment purely aesthetic sense. There are, however, the options of tuning with increasing power. However, to adequately reflect growth in 10-20% of the engine will not be able to, and selection of parts is small. In short, the "finishing" – a purely decorative piece. Although it is perhaps worth noting that CORA has always been draconian system damage. Naturally, it has not changed much, except that the wheels fall off now not so often. "Kengooryatniki" defense housing and other power components simplify life. Wheels, through the efforts of Fun Labs turned into a kind of aluminum cans, barely survive, but the body can save. May have to ride in a wheelbarrow, has the form of a corkscrew.

In addition, again, the ruthlessness of the damage-model – yet not related to realism. Cripple the suspension can not be racing at speeds under 60 miles per hour at a reduced transfer does not destroy the transmission and engine is in no hurry to overheat after hours of crawling over the hills. Besides the wheels, exhaust system (and the tuning) and body damage anything unrealistic.

Therefore, the main item of expenditure in any case is buying a few new cars. Should be considered an accomplishment monster pickup with V12 under the hood. I thought that place on the podium should take Milyaga Hummer, but a paradoxical failure to overcome the obstacles posed elementary cross on the career of cult American. Licenses are still available, so that Hummer I mentioned solely on the basis of visual range. In the faceless images of veiled Jeep Cherokee and Mitsubishi Pajero, but to get personal authors shy – it's expensive. Yes, and characteristics of vehicles driven. Settings are minimal. And what a simulator without deep "tweaking"?

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Freedom kazualov!

As in the two previous series, the goal of the quest is sometimes necessary to crawl long and hard. Improving the appearance of their vehicles are unlikely to call help in passing a variety of tasks. In principle, all of the quests do not require a significant amount of gray matter and driving abilities. Here, cunning, rather than physics, and in the design of missions.

As a bonus we give out loans and accrued experience. At the discretion can not use it, he immediately spent on the involved "skills." Do I need a project where the machines really do not understand the elements of RPG – an open question. In role-playing skills of the player create a shape channel, which is developing the story. In CORA 3 this, of course, not. If you do, say, the plot to help someone repair, gunpowder in flasks with enough excess. I'm not talking about "driving" the ability or the ability to navigate the terrain. Perhaps this is more dignity vestibular apparatus on the other side of the monitor.

Fortunately, the developers worked on story line. Ride and have a lot in general, of course, stupidly, but in each sector there is a small affair, which makes the trip really meaningful and adventure. Flavor of the dish gives the opportunity to walk on foot. Sometimes we do hunt, combining business with pleasure.

graphical component (completely identical Big Game Hunter 2 , famous for scenery) has a relaxed atmosphere. That part of the engine, which is responsible for the image model has changed slightly, but the other – a step forward. In addition, the visualization of lesions elaborated in detail and get dirty very impressive machine.

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Let us give due Fun Labs: physics, with a few exceptions, remained at quite an advanced level. Take, for example, locking differentials. Not only where we are allowed to at least change the type of drive, and now – a full-speed transfer case (2H, 4H, 4L) and two cross-axle differential to boot. Generally, modern cross-axle differentials are usually self-locking. Even on the surface, far from off-road, they may need, let alone in the woods and marshes – an indispensable thing. Why do they disconnect? However, we were asked to press a button.

By the way, describing the implementation of the transfer box full, I mean match chosen modes of reality. The very process of manipulating the "transfer" struck me as very strange. Downshift to include with razdatki impossible. 4x4LO scoreboard lights up only when activated "traction control" (!). Foolishness. In Fun Labs do not know on what basis function TC, assuming it is obvious that this is – traction control.

I do not mean to pass a physical in scrap code, but it has its own different little mischief. SUV continued to roll down the slope, if he did not have enough traction, despite the wide open throttle. Certainly with gorochki … Well at least returned to the winch. In a series of CORA it so happens that sometimes the multi-ton monsters have to climb on or brevnyshko stone, like Mount Everest. Sometimes I wonder why you can not even enter the pitiful hump, though five minutes before we jump up the ledges and abruptly. Well, not the first time.

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* * *

With the release of the third part of doubt in the main mass of the target audience should be abated, because (hereinafter referred to as something terrible) CORA 3 – a decent game. Yes, Activision Value – not the company that wants to deal with intimate confessions. And yet, despite the lackluster performance of ideas, the balance met. If you are looking for a balanced off-road simulator and not intended to place in history, Cabela's Off-Road Adventure 3 – the perfect choice.

System Requirements
Pentium III 500 MHz
64 MB
3D-accelerator with 16 MB of memory
650 MB of hard disk

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium III / Athlon 1 GHz
256 MB
3D-accelerator with 32 MB of memory
650 MB of hard disk

Developer: Fun Labs
Publisher: Activision Value Publishing
Release date: December 14, 2007
Distribution: retail
Multiplayer: None
Genres: Arcade, Racing, Cars, Sport, HuntFish, 3D
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