Deer Hunter 2004

When something is this series gave the name to the whole genre virtual hunting, with a light hand reviewers nicknamed "dirhanterami." In fact, DH very different from its competitors – there is not and can not bear, moose, sheep, goats and other animals. Hunter, then – "deer".

Deer Hunter 2004 screenshot 1.
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Fresh breath

I understand that the image must match, but it's time to add the game to something more interesting. For the sake of diversity in DH2004 running birds, fish and sung in "Lenore" "small armadillo." You can kill them, but on the head for it you do not pat, and, conversely, strongly recommend to pay attention to the deer. The main thing is to achieve a fresh Deer Hunter is the appearance of new, hitherto not encountered in any hunting of animals – horses! True, they resemble steel artiodactyls of the future – always behave "as necessary", do not worry, riderless from the place do not go cling to non-existent shoulders of every bush in the forest and can not step over logs.

More a "hunter" myth has arisen due to Deer Hunter, is that it is rumored that you can play for hours, but did not see the beast. Hmm … turns out, the experts do not lie. Get close to the animal closer than a couple of hundred meters, it is very difficult, and no special tricks – and at all impossible. "Lite" mode is still there. So if you're not ready to hunt seriously, it's better not to try.

The graphics in comparison to last year was much better. But here's the rub: Cabela's Big Game Hunter: 2004 Season has raised the bar so high that the deer get to it only a year or two. Grass with the trees still look mediocre, water – above the average for the genre, but still markedly inferior to the powerful hits. "The Beast is my" very nice, although they enjoy almost not possible, because the neighborhood is very unpleasant drowning in white mist even at the highest graphics settings. Only you will see deer, as he immediately hides in breast shroud. We welcome the low system requirements, but the power of computers this year has grown to the point where the game could easily do without a terrible depth of visibility restrictions.

from the game modes of interest only multiplayer for sixteen people. Hunt goes to the first deer killed or on the principles of "kill the beast who is better" and "who to shoot more." For silent interaction between players even created a mini-feed system of signs with his hands – an indication of the direction of the greeting, the call for silence and a demonstration of his attitude towards trophies. Funny introduced in Deer Hunter 2004 mode of observation of the animals in which the player is in the form of disembodied spirit can easily study the life of forest dwellers (in particular, the damned deer).

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* * *

is all. A decent set of weapons, scopes, stands and baits are nothing new, other virtual hunting has not lagged behind fashion. The game in many ways ahead of Deer Hunter 2003, but it lacks the detailed training missions, and shoot some deer just get bored. Will be enough, especially for 2003, on generous hunting simulators.

System Requirements
Pentium III 600 MHz
128 MB
3D- accelerator with 32 MB of memory
500 MB of hard disk

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium III 1 GHz
256 MB
3D-accelerator with 64 MB of memory
500 MB of hard disk

Developer: Southlogic Studios
Publisher: Atari Interactive
Release date: October 17, 2003
Distribution : retail
Multiplayer: (16) LAN, Internet
Genres: Sport, HuntFish, 3D, 1st Person, 3rd Person
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