Field & Stream Trophy Hunting 5

The fact that Sierra wish to arrange a banquet continued " Field & Stream Trophy Hunting ", few doubted. As a result, the fruit of almost a year of effort of the late Dynamix is ​​fully compliant with advertising slogans such as "What is your favorite is even better."

And really – has become. However, the difference between TH4 and 5 is so microscopic, that it had to look for, armed with a tunneling microscope. Patched teksturku on elkah, improved deer antlers, added a few new locations, and (ahtung!) as much as four types of animals. The latter fact is fundamental, because TH5 we finally was allowed to drive not only peaceful creatures, but also bears. Unfortunately, the author of the lines now and could not cause a clumsy "mano-a-mano" – every time, barely hearing the steps of the hunter, bear stopped poking around in the ground and gave Strekachev. Fraction, of course, flies faster, but still, you know, like a human being insulting …

In technical terms, a game worthy of those words that your correspondent spoke to the TH4 in October 2000. The graphics are still gorgeous, from luxury models zateksturennyh trees (of which there grows on a single screen for more than all the combined levels of any 3D-shooter), fresh and fantastic figures of animals to a wide area of ​​visibility. The striking fact is: Tribes 2 , whose engine went on dressing TH5 , has managed to excel in the order of the worst graphics.

And the sound is not far behind – nice rustling fallen leaves under your feet, from behind came the terrifying roar of the black bear, and the indignant chatter of squirrels playfully jumps troubled from the left column to the right.

weapons has not increased, however, the arsenal, migrated here from the TH4 , enough for the eyes, so angry that sin. The updated section of Hunting Challenges (sort pomissionnaya game) has to overcome is not 25, as many as 30 jobs. And later in the same spirit.

It's really undergone dramatic changes, perhaps, only AI. The naive nonchalance with which no minutes of the victim walked a hundred (and sometimes ten) meters away from the hunter, has gone along with the TH4 . The new generation bred in the laboratories of Dynamix beast is able to use not only the ears, defining the approach of the enemy on the chatter of the same protein, but also the sense of smell and the eyes. Do not worry, get close to unsuspecting deer (elk, bear, caribou …), you can still, however, is not as brazen as it was permitted previously.

And here is to teach our alter-ego to run the authors and are not honored. Well, to hell with it, with jogging, would give even an accelerated mode of walking, or something … Alas, apparently not this time. Develops a patient, my friends! Oh, how it is you need in the seventeenth minute leisurely plutaniya the snowy woods.

One need only think of the final evaluation of the game, as there is a stumbling block. On the one hand, TH5 look, hear, and played much better than any of its competitor from WizardWorks, ValuSoft and other freaks (so that there is, other shooters pale!). On the other hand, all of the above "innovations" Sierra would be published in the form of, if not freely downloaded, then, at least, super-cheap addon to the TH4 . As a result, the series will buy the fifth to the extreme hard-nosed fans, or as green as the May grass, novices. All others will prefer to save finances to better times. For example, before the Field & Stream Trophy Hunting 6

System Requirements
Pentium II 266
64 Mb

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium III 450
128 MB
Direct3D 8

Developer: Sierra On-Line
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Release date:
Multiplayer: (8) Internet
Genres: Sport, HuntFish, 3D, 1st Person
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