Konung 3: Ties of the Dynasty

Fate role-playing series " Prince " not to be envied. Once she gave great hope to seriously claim to the title of "domestic killers Diablo ". Unfortunately, not copy others' know-how ", or implement your own ideas of its authors really could not. " Forest Legend of the country " barely kept afloat only by the atmosphere. "The Slavic fantasy" so sunk into the hearts of the players that they closed their eyes to the shortcomings.

with a belated continuation and expansion for him this trick did not work. Even those who are moved by in 1999, four years later perceived as a wretched sequel mockery. After waiting another six years, "1S" finished off the epic suffering. Following this the third part of it will turn away most devoted fans.

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in the dirt

name " Prince 3: A new dynasty " hints that the developers decided to start life anew. The game is rather weakly linked to their predecessors. Some characters are etched tales of old heroes, here and there "b / a" artifacts – and nothing more. Trampled along and across the village changed beyond recognition, but the icons of items in inventory lovingly redrawn from samples of ten years ago.

interchanges with " Prince 2 " took a long time, so the scope for creativity Writers have been huge. They could write a story that could attract and pioneers in the forest land, and return the "original spirit" of which are still dreaming fans.

Alas, all that had the imagination – the search for the "Russian Excalibur": the late Bishop Miroslavlya bequeathed the throne to the one who finds Bogatyrsky sword. Voyage will be dreary and short – the way to the final runs in a straight line with little branching. In such circumstances, the elements of "urban development" strategy, which were one of the most interesting features of the game, do not look a tribute to the traditions and rudiments.

In contrast to the earlier " Dukes ", the passage of various Heroes are not only repeated in the details. The third part of the general could be considered a RPG just a stretch, since no "wagering role" is not here, and orders are rarely involve at least two solutions. NPC usually asked to reach from point A to point B, or "clean up" the next grove of monsters. More intricate quests – exceptions, and even a little bit of joy from them: no marks on the map and distinct records in a diary players are forced to perform tasks almost "blindly".

To understand the dialogues should be read carefully and rapidly . As ridiculous whims of designers replica hanging on the screen a few seconds. Miss important information – a piece of cake. Because of this communication work like prospector – nuggets of information hidden in tons of verbal slag. Worst of all, when developers try to joke, that is, scoff at the "stillborn Vseslav C." or make inappropriate references to contemporary culture.

do not dispel the boredom and the battle. Special techniques or clever tactical schemes not: stupid soldiers exchanged fire along the front line, the archers and mages shoot from a safe distance. If the backpack is a healing potion, you will cope with any enemy. The main thing – do not miss the right time, in fact include a break and recover in a relaxed atmosphere you can not.

only the strong side of the game – the lack of obvious bugs. However, for stability should not praise the "1C" and the studio and its engine SkyFallen TheEngine, became the basis of a number of domestic RPG. Some of them, like King's Bounty from Katauri, can show off the beauty of others (" No Time for Dragons ", " Dawn of Magic ") look modest, but very very sickening … no not yet appeared " Prince 3 ".

Graphics quality is comparable to the Neverwinter Nights and Dungeon Siege , walked out in the distant 2002. "Ceiling" for the camera height is very low, so terrible texture, primitive models have to examine at close range. From close-ups in conversations hair stand on end. How can you not remember the old gnome, "an informal symbol of the Russian-speaking community-geymdev"!

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The inscription on the box with a collectible version of " Prince 3 " calls it "the last game of the series." I hope that's true. Just a little bit, and slid to a new sump to the Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods .

System Requirements
Pentium 4 / Athlon XP 1.5 GHz
512 MB
GeForce Ti4200/Radeon 7900
1 GB hard drive

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2.4 GHz
1 GB of memory
GeForce FX6800/Radeon 9800
1 GB hard drive

Developer: 1C
Publisher: 1C Publishing
Release date: June 17, 2010
Distribution: retail / digital delivery
Multiplayer: None
Genres: RPG, RogueAction, 3D, 3rd Person
Similar games : No Time for Dragons, hard to be a god, Prince 2, Prince: The Legends of the forest country, Prince 2. Continuation of the legend

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