Man is by nature very lazy. This quality, in spite of its futility and even harmful in life, sometimes the whole of mankind can do great on the power inherent in the idea of ​​them opening. Once a humble postman (for sure, however, is unknown – I only recite one of the legends), which is bored to death every day to descend on foot of a European village to another, decided that this process can be greatly speeded up, putting on each leg moving on snow board. In what condition he reached the foot of the slope, history is silent, but that's not important. The precedent has occurred, started an avalanche and the invention similar to the first-born objects (skis, monolyzhi, snowboards, etc.). Laziness and then played a crucial role – think of yourself, why stand when you can sit? This thought was the reason that once a fan thought of a pair of skis to stick to the motorcycle, resulting in the crown of creation in this area – a snowmobile.

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New trends

Say what you will, experience a virtual ride on snowmobiles we have quite a bit. Well, do not spoil us developers of such projects, preferring them to ride on motorcycles, cars, hovercraft, and other, many have finally bored crap. Therefore, any attempt extricating beaten in the race gamers with clogged Proselkov and choking smog from the city streets under the sun sparkling on snowy expanses and frosty morning mist filled valley is admirable. Unfortunately, the availability of raw ideas without corresponding technological treatment is usually enough for success, and many interesting pans were buried under the inability to translate ideas hulk of developers in the actual bytes.

At the moment we see something between the extremes described above. Is there a good and fairly original idea, and generally worthy of its technical implementation, accompanied, alas, a number of shortcomings and archaic, somewhat reduce the final grade.

Snow, as you know, stuff is much more slippery than usual we are all asphalt. Therefore, the case management and snowmobile on such a surface may be a bit more complicated than it seems at first sight. Initially, the unit does not want to turn to where he directs the unknown with such means of transport gamer's hand. But it is worth a little getting used to, and we can smoothly take turns and make controlled skids. In general, the physical model of the behavior of a snowmobile quite realistic, and we, for example, is not simply an attempt to take a turn at full speed – such impudence immediately punished with long paddling about in the surrounding cells. Frankly a pity that such floundering not greatly affect the behavior of the pilot, which responds to jumping, racing and flying very sluggishly snowmobile (however, the reasons for such behavior from him, of course, is – do not worry about the fallout from the saddle, if you tightly glued to it). By the way, simply roll over, and this event can immediately put an end to any hopes to occupy any worthy place in the race simply because the snowmobile back to the normal position is impossible.

Theoretically, the success or failure in the competition also depends on the model chosen player of the snowmobile, which in Snow Storm as much as 7 pieces (separately like to commend the authors for models that are made really decent). As usual, each has its own set of parameters, which distinguishes it from the "colleagues" – power, number of cylinders, weight and maximum speed. Special role in the final outcome of the race, they often do not play, and are mostly formal (no, of course, some differences in management there, but notice it is sometimes very difficult).

SnowStorm screenshot 2.
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Alaska, sir!

as a testbed for our trips developers have prepared as much as 8 looped trails (oh, sorry … the creators of the commitment to closed tracks already spoiled just a bunch of innumerable projects …). In spite of this unfortunate fact, they are all quite long, which can smooth out inevitably arises on such roads feeling "proteins in the wheel." Trails are mostly represent a rather narrow gauge, rigidly bounded on both sides of an invisible barrier. Track periodically diversified branches, some extending the possibility of selecting the path and you can win a couple of seconds of precious time in case they pass safely. In general, there is a standard way to create a track which was used until now in most racing games. Unfortunately, there is a Snow Storm something that distinguishes it from the disadvantage of the above the majority, but it is not very accurate study of background is on some routes. Where the forest close to the adjacent road, clearly shows that this is only teksturka, stretched on a flat wall. On the other hand, if you do not pay attention to such missteps (the good, in my eyes they throw quite rare), soon you can achieve true enlightenment – around the snow-covered forests, and snow, and beautifully painted rocks from the sky … By the roadside to a place apart very European-looking houses (except that lifts to "Winter Resort" – who, interestingly, it took them almost lay on the bottom of the gorge?), On bridges thrown across the road standing spectators in bright costumes, the gaps in the walls of dense fog are seen medieval castles. Beauty, and nothing else.

And the more this log in the eye in such circumstances is a terrible trail, which stretches for a snowmobile. Do not expect to see the fountains sparkling in the light powdery snow – it appears just a few small translucent sprites, tightly sticky to the stern. But the thing dangles before the eyes of gamers throughout the race, if you look at the snowmobile with an external camera … definitely worth it to pay still more attention to such a prominent and conspicuous part. And in general all that seems to be unimportant at first glance, but most often responsible for the overall impression produced.

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As you may have noticed, I was overwhelmed very mixed feelings. On the one hand, Snow Storm can easily boast of beautiful trails, different models of snowmobiles, balanced gameplay, the presence of a sense of speed and other useful and pleasing features. On the other – the above-mentioned archaic sprites, sound wishy-washy (indeed, consisting only of the rumbling engine, and several background zvuchkov – no crunch of snow under the skis rails or cries speeding past the spectators, nor the whistle of the wind in the passes) and a static picture of the control panel instead of already familiar three-dimensional cockpit. Due to the originality of the selected type of vehicles, the game, no doubt, will bring together some loyal audience. It is a pity that due to lack of accuracy (or the money or time or both of them – we are all experiencing difficult days are), its size may be considerably less than that for which Snow Storm would have been expected at slightly more methodical approach to business.

PS: Soon, the game will be published in Russia. About the Name guess yourself:)

System Requirements
Pentium II 300
64 MB

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium III 600
128 MB

Developer: Amber
Publisher: Phenomedia
Release date:
Multiplayer: None
Genres: Arcade, Racing, 3D
Similar games: Ski-Doo X-Team Racing, Sno -Cross Extreme, Snowmobile Championship 2000

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