Mysterious Journey 2: Chameleon

It is unlikely that anyone could have predicted that there will be a couple of years ago, Mysterious Journey: Schizm bring together such an impressive box office. The game spread throughout the world with a circulation of several hundred thousand copies, and therefore the appearance of a sequel was inevitable – the pockets of fans bring to boil your brain varied degree stupidity puzzles full of crunchy green "portraits." Stepping up to date and looking at Uru, Detalion discarded the multi-disc videokvesta for a full 3D, and especially not to spend money, acquired the dubious merits of the technology Lithtech Jupiter (incidentally, one virtue, it is undeniable, yet there – cheap).

The second law

System Requirements Pentium III 1 GHz 128 MB 3D-accelerator with 64 MB of memory 3 GB hard drive Recommended Pentium 4/Athlon XP 1.6 GHz 256 MB 3D-accelerator with 128 MB of memory 3 GB hard drive The plot continued in no way connected with the adventures of Sam and Hannah Grant Meynli. Our new hero, Saint wakes up after a sweet 200-year cryogenic sleep and finds next to a hologram. Nice device reports that in September to pay for the betrayal of his people and to live it is only a few days, after which the space station, where it is, repeat the fate of the "World." On top of all troubles unfortunate "offender" suffers from lapses of memory (thanks Detalion for this stamp), and can not figure out whom he led.

to break out of their prison to a nearby planet (according to the architecture, it is here We wandered in the first series), Saint learns of two tribes – the "green" and "blue", warring for centuries. If the first devoted themselves to nature and can not imagine life without a blooming cactus on the window sill, the latter prefer harsh industrial buildings and minimalism. Having covered bestowed strange machines ("Partner") technology, "Chameleon", Sen enters the lair of each tribe and ultimately save the planet along the way reuniting dispersed in the views of his comrades in a single party, which goes only right course.

Their I've got

I do not just have to read the reviews of the various domestic and foreign players in the Black Mirror, which criticizes the creation Unknown Identity first of all put the presence of a small amount of puzzles. MJ2 totally devoid of the "lack" – playing to capacity crammed with all sorts of puzzles. Actually, apart from them, and demonstrated between solutions rollers in it nothing more. Even the use of selected items to the stage only sporadically, and "dialogues" are generally without our participation.

The range is as wide as it is unpleasant, especially if you are important – the logic of what is happening and dive into the storyline. Why hermit fenced off from the outside world with a wild air handling unit, which is controlled from the edge of the ravine, where he get out of his cave can not? Do carries in his pocket a clever remote control? Why is the door to the prison from inside through the next puzzle? The prize for the most clever prisoners? Why pass the spaceport separate fog-covered maze?

One gets the feeling that the local population is engaged exclusively erecting various barriers for those who wish to overcome the next ten meters. September is constantly engaged in opening the door, calling the vehicles or banal transfer own mortal body from point A to point B by solving terribly difficult puzzles. And almost always the main problem is the realization of the purposes and principles of the new machine, which arose in the road (there are practically no hints). Five times (!) "Build" bridges, commit a couple dozen laps from the control lock to lock a remote room, visible from constipation, jumping around in the garden, do not forget to fall multifunctional calculator … And remember, some puzzles are "available" only in some point.

Three brown honey

Whatever you say, but the visuals worthy of all praise. Put to the blush even pompous Uru, MJ2 demonstrates stunning scenery for the adventure of beauty. Perhaps the project Detalion can be called one of the most spectacular phenomena in the genre in all its history. Thanks to artists and designers alien world fascinates bizarre buildings, unusual, rotating in the air machinery, stainless cool water surface, sparkling surface force fields, the clouds of the sky in perfect and gentle rays of the setting sun. Slightly spoils the picture for the most part fixed vegetation, but these excesses we leave shooters and best role-playing games.

made a qualitative model. And "green" and "blue" are dressed in fancy costumes, it is a pity that they slap the lips too realistic. Alas, to pay for such magnificence has system requirements and regularly occurring even on a powerful machine "lag". Memory leaks occur constantly, and playing with the hideous periodicity of the "wonders" for a few (dozen) seconds. Especially frustrating when such seizures begin during savers – you experience this circus, where the main actors are jumping (or even "teleported") from one end of the room to the other. The performance was accompanied pathetic text and music that only adds to the comedy, simultaneously negating the tiny fraction of the available suspense.

is very strange the authors did with subtitles. As usual for all as they are not available at the time of interview clips must be taken at the hearing. To insufficient knowledge of the British verbiage provided "transcript" – a special screen where you can view a record of all conversations happened in the game.

Special Edition

As mentioned above, MJ2 is of interest only to fans solve the long winter evenings complex puzzles. This part of the players do not care about the history of fading and boredom, inexpressive characters and illogicality of the creating on the screen. All others from communicating with the game can easily abstain (as well as to divide in half score).

border = 0 cellspacing = 0 cellpadding = 0 id = video_table2 align = left> home video
Developer: Detalion
Publisher: The Adventure Company
Release date: March 26, 2004
Distribution : retail
Multiplayer: None
Genres: Adventure, 3D, 1st Person
Similar games: Myst, Myst 3: Exile, Mysterious Journey: Schizm, RHEM, Riven: The Sequel to Myst, Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII

"Hopefully, the next time the Swedes did not let us down." So we have completed the review of the first addon to Battlefield 1942 and put him 7.5 points. Supplement number two ran close to its predecessor – 8 cards armful of weapons and military equipment, a new game mode, tons of small fixes code … Typical, but, moreover, made a set of qualitatively new levels.


highlight of the program – an experimental technique Allied and Nazi Germany, Rare or did not happen on the battlefields of World War II. That it caused the most concern for the fate of the game balance – these "toys" at the time could turn the entire course of the war, not to mention the fragile status quo Battlefield 1942 .

to Fortunately, everything went well. Top-secret aircraft, supertanki, anti-aircraft self-propelled amphibious transports, new types of firearms were carefully calibrated and do not claim to be "the last argument." Take, for example, the German "Shturmtigr" and American T-95. Both – strong, devastatingly powerful tanks, Erasers opponents to powder one or two volleys. The Eagles! Now add here a modest rate, a fixed angle of rotation of the main tools and limited in comparison with other machines reserve shells. Would anyone like to ride?

Colossi of feet of clay were also two other new items – military rocket launcher "Sherman" and self-propelled anti-aircraft guns "Flakpantser." Both cause great damage, but should please them by hand … instantly sent straight to Valhalla.

And in the sky something terrible happening – on stage fluttered four new "birds." Allied "Whitworth" and German "Horton" – high-speed fighter, able to suppress a serious offensive enemy army, provided that you can handle the furious complex model management. Even more difficult to steer the tiny, shaky interceptors McDonnell F-85 Goblin and jet Natter. The latter, in matters worse, suffering from a severely limited supply of fuel, which is why always have to throw nervous glances at the fuel level indicator. In other words, if you have not mastered in his time "Spitfire", to the latest and best not to go near – only due to spoil.

But even those who used to ignore the aircrafts will appreciate transport aircraft C- 47. This bellied monster is mobile base for British and American soldiers and allows them to jump right into the thick of the battle. On the maps of the soldiers of the Axis air point "Respawn" is missing, so they parachuted always an unpleasant surprise. If this is not enough, you can put the car on the ground.

The Germans also have a trump card. For example, a jet pack, one form of which is immediately reminiscent of the Disney movie "The Rocketeer." For the pleasure to feel like a superhero will pay dearly: first, the load is attached to devaysu ammunition doctor (and there is a mediocre machine MP40). Secondly, any serious threat hit knock fuel supply which, alas, there is limited. Thirdly, trendy unit and then overheats, making our fly-by in a sort of free fall, Hulk-style. Add up all the facts together and think about whether this powder and shot.

found here and the local analog UT 'shnogo Redeemer – guided missile "surface-to-air" with the poetic name "Wasserfall ". Tremendous speed and incredible shaking require getting used to, but in the capable hands of the "waterfall" works wonders, destroying any, even the most nimble, planes.

Finally, in the last column of our parade crawl armed amphibious transports – Schwimmwagen and LVT -2 Water Buffalo, through which water masses are no longer a major obstacle. Hooray!

Team spirit

maps leave a dual impression. The balance is excellent. Each of the eight levels of ground under certain types of new weapons. If there is an airport with a bunch of planes – get ready for a dense anti-aircraft fire or air counterattacks. A lot of water has always indicates the presence of C-47 or amphibians. Tankers are guaranteed to face a barrage of artillery fire.

parity is observed in the familiar mode, and the new "objective-based mode". It is not a battle for points, and for the fulfillment of objectives. Something similar can be seen in Counter-Strike , Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory , MoHAA: Spearhead and a good dozen shooters. Allies have an assignment to storm and destroy the secret vault prototype UFO or a pile of missiles, "V-2", the Germans, in contrast, breast stand up for mattsennosti. Unlike standard "Conquest", so the game is much faster. The main thing – to put together a detachment of staunch supporters, for here the team spirit is important as ever.

In cons should write a little eye korobyaschee monotony. Hitler's "Eagle's Nest", Essen, and research facilities in Telemark, private airfield, near Prague, and other attractions are using the same set of objects – spruce, pine, dilapidated buildings and factory buildings. If the Road to Rome on each card handmade felt, there is no, no, yes slip traces forming. Apparently, the designers have used all their imagination to the technology, and environment have got nothing.

is disappointing and persistent disregard authors single player game. We do not require a great deal, at least something like UT , – roster, statistics, progressive difficulty, really smart bots can open additional content. For, alas, broadband access to the Internet for a long time have become familiar to the residents of North America and Western Europe, in Russia and the CIS is still rare and quite expensive beast.

Align them please

into a technical design claims that's true – developers Digital Illusions, regularly shuts up "holes" in thick patches, knowingly consume pizza and Coke. The sound is more or less established, the network code works like a charm, and impressive visuals even one year after the release of the original version. However, the implant more polygons and no one was going to – new graphics technology we will show Battlefield Vietnam .

Is that compatible add-ons without thinking. To play Road to Rome , you must insert the appropriate CD and restart the game with the correct label. Tired storm Monte Cassino? Repeat the procedure, this time with a disc of Secret Weapons . We can only wait for the update to version 1.50, which, according to the producers of the EA is to eliminate this particular problem.


It's time to put the assessment. Sea equipment, additional weapons infantry, excellent balance – great. Competent design maps and a new game mode balanced modest number of levels and the overall fading pictures. God bless him, with realism, since I came to the turn of the jet-packs, and other joys of Hollywood, then why not send all of this horde of Japan or North Africa? The developers of mods, take it, please, thought as interesting!

System requirements
Pentium III 600 MHz
128 MB
GeForce 2 or better

Pentium III 1 GHz
256 MB
GeForce 4 or better

Developer: Digital Illusions Canada
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release date: September 3, 2003
Multiplayer: (64) LAN, Internet
Genres: Action, Shooter, Add-on, 3D, 1st Person, 3rd Person
Similar games: Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome, Codename: Eagle, Tribes 2

Precursors, The

brother for hybrid shooter, RPG and space simulator – is like to raise a 200-pound barbell. Especially if a minute before you tried to juggle pood weights. Hernias can not avoid.

with anguish

The doubts that Deep Shadows pull two major projects at the same time, very soon after their announcement. But the original idea was much bigger – Kiev studio led parallel development for the Xbox 360 seems to be run over by a knife among the first. Tossing force on Xenus 2 , the authors have brought her to a relatively decent view. " FORERUNNER " is out of luck – the game was cut in half with a blunt ax.

Today, " the Baptist " – almost the same as in May 2007, I studied and Konstantin Fomin early build. Only the planet Goldin, where ships Tris Krayt, who completed the Summer Academy, worked as it should. Another four locations – one smaller and the other poorer. The penultimate task sends the hero on Morente, consisting of an autumn forest, five spiders and dilapidated dvuhetazhki. Scarcity of the world, we are concerned about the two and a half years ago, and not cured.

Other ailments were inherited from the Xenus 2 1 along with the outdated engine and sluggish combat mechanics. True, the quest has become commonplace and bad (typical mission: to conduct an alcoholic drunkenly to the house, where there is wife drunk), and lyrics, and had not shone style, syllable by syllable and literacy writings remind classmates. Branching dialogue, moral dilemmas, interesting characters, dashing plot – in this " FORERUNNER " is not in sight. Limped up to half, stamped history of artifacts forgotten civilization stops in the wrong place.

Useless space and other crop

But no part of a role-shredded, because it is – the stump itself. Earning the next level, every time we look through the list of 40 "perks", trying to choose anything useful. Advancing stamina and accuracy, increased inventory, skill with a grenade launcher – the best that offer creators "main game universe." Other abilities fall into the category of "garbage." For example, reducing the damage if dropped by 10%, night vision, and more likely to deceive the enemy. Burglary and computer terminals do not need, like a double bonus to your own installation of upgrades for weapons – by golly, it is easier to pay technique.

Yes, and "barrel" bit. From the traditional – only energy blaster, automatic, RPG and a shotgun. The original idea with organic weapons, which must be regularly fed, sounded great in words, but in fact failed. Carry a hefty bandura and heavy "ammunition" (which, by the way, do not roll on the road!) Uncomfortable. Simply fill pocket explosive and armor-piercing bullets, than to mess with exotic alien.

Another idea, had resulted in a misunderstanding – a reputation system of Xenus . As planned by the developers, players actions affect the attitude of warring parties. In reality comes to insanity. The purpose of one of the first missions – to save the imperial cruiser from attacking raiders. As the Empire has been set for the hero unfriendly, "victim" opened fire on my ship as soon as I put it into the coverage area of ​​its onboard guns. When killed last pirate, illuminating the screen monstrous special effects crew muttered "thank you" on the radio … and continued firing. Ungrateful creatures!

By and large, the space in its current incarnation is not needed. Claims made in the preview is still in force. On Elite -shaped trade better to forget, to support random assignment (or destruction) of cargo ships dull, monotonous and unprofitable. Battle – a primitive laser show, the battle in which it is possible. Explore the star system is meaningless – you will not find anything except the asteroids and space stations, constructed on the same plan. For what sewed this piece? Is it because the three story missions?

On land, however, is also in trouble. About how hard the project was given to speak face characters. The whole game is up ten faces. A carbon copied everything, including the commander of the garrison on Goldin and High Priestess with Klattsa. The absurdity was not lost on the writers, but on that joke is not fit to laugh and cry. As well as over a wooden animation NPC.


Final Hochma Deep Shadows – titles, terminating an important conversation. It seems that in the future we going to live "viewing pictures second." Well, who wants extra portion of mortal anguish?

1Tochnee, even from the " Xenus: Boiling Point ", as prompts Precursors.exe application icon with a black and white face of Saul Myers.

System requirements
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 3 GHz
1 GB
GeForce 6600 GS / Radeon 9600
8 GB hard drive

Core 2 Duo / Athlon X2 2.5 GHz
2 GB of memory
GeForce 8800/Radeon X1800
8 GB hard drive

Developer: Deep Shadows
Publisher: GFI
Release date: December 24, 2010
Distribution: retail / digital delivery
Multiplayer: None
Genres: Action, Shooter, Simulator, Space, 3D, 1st Person, PrivateerTrader
Similar games: Xenus. Boiling point, Gene Troopers, Unreal 2: The Awakening, Xenus 2: White gold

Journey to the Center of the Earth

The Birth of a hit – both happy and sad event. On the one hand, it's nice to finally get a good game, created by talented authors. On the other – it is necessary to prepare for a wave of mediocre clones. Huge success Syberia could not attract the attention of studios, dealing exclusively put on the conveyor issue adventure. Among them – Frogwares, so out of place "please" Last year we creepy The Mystery of the Mummy (Russian name – "Sherlock Holmes and five Egyptian statuettes"). Accident Conan Doyle Ukrainian studio will continue to torment in his next project, and until the developers decided on Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth".


from the original plot writers traditionally left only main idea – there below the surface mythical world inhabited by giants and dinosaurs. Duration moved in 2005, and the main character was Arien journalist who went with the editorial mission to Iceland. Upon arrival, the girl decides to ride in a helicopter and shoot a couple of native species, but in the end with the pilot falls under the landslide. Of course, waiting lady did not want to – clean out the contents of the broken car, Arien go explore a nearby cave, where, after a short fall and hit the "center of the earth".

The band is black, white stripe

Journey to the Center of the Earth can be easily divided into two stages. Initially, wander through the underground world, get to know its inhabitants and admire the beautiful scenery is quite interesting. Unfortunately, the second half where we are forced to run on the already explored locations, making all further stretching of logic and plausibility doing so flattering words deserves. Make sure the stupidity happening has primarily due to have not changed since The Mystery of the Mummy formula – you can not go to the next area until you have completed a certain set of actions in previous ones. It's good that the levels do not share.

Who might like twenty races screens back for some commodities being unavailable to talk to a certain NPC? I'm not talking about how unlikely to guess that this must be done without a thorough search of the available territory. Here adds very strange plot moves. Tribe of giants threatens destruction, but first Arien must solve the puzzle for the local fishermen who catch more concerned than his own eventual death. Shaman giants are ready to make an elixir for the salvation of his race, but the ingredients she should bring the unhappy girl to run errands.

A broken circuit in the local town? This is the chief mechanic lost circuits (lying quietly on a table in a nearby location), and Arien have to fix it. You want to adjust a mining equipment? Again, local experts are powerless, the problem lies with fragile female shoulders. Wounded soldiers on guard tower? Must be cured. Not working balloon? Will do! One motive – is simply to pass on, or do not start up.

Rare puzzle generally sewn with white thread. Well as you can embed a game "Towers of Hanoi" and forces the player to solve this puzzle, if nothing else Arien remove the ring from one pin and transferred to another, thus opening the stash? Why is the key to the apartment of the main villain is one of the twelve balls, which can only be calculated by solving the puzzles to weigh? Is conspiracy to wretch every time he gets there that way? But the most original was the need to drop to the ground flying island. First, it needs to pass a silly sound puzzle, and secondly, as a reward acts only conversation with the ever encountered in the course of the next character, and please fix something.

Even with strong bondage scene of non-consecutive information. The reporter can safely take a map of land of giants, talk about them with someone else … and was shocked at the mention of overgrown in some conversation.

Here is the endless running, yaw locations traversed several times (and suddenly what -was the subject of some "active"?), permanent nomadism among several NPC completely overshadow all the pluses few games: pretty decent (compared to most modern adventure) story and is more or less a logical chain of actions. And then, and another had no effect for routine tasks. Therefore, I recommend to take the opportunity to escape from the "center of the world" (one of two finals) and do not pass the second half of the game – the most unpleasant and annoying.

Those precious things

where the best designers and writers worked artists and composers. Locations and rollers very pretty, and the choice of resolutions up to 1280 * 960 decorates the local scenery. It is unfortunate that animated a few of them, and frozen in the sky clouds produce a negative effect. Music, in general nice, sounds too solemn and sometimes jarring. Not satisfactory only one sound – the actors did a good job of roles.

The quality of models can be described as "decent" – clearly not enough landfills. In addition, the texture had draws more carefully – clothes like ugly characters glued pieces of colored paper. Finally, it should teach the main character is not only constantly shake off the dust from the left arm (a right, for example, by the way, women love to correct hair). And it is quite unusual for the beautiful half of humanity "ride" his feet evenly (in another race Arien not describe). Alas, the reporter Frogwares not even try to compete with a cute and charming Kate Walker.

does not save and analog cellular telephone Kate – Arien laptop permanently connected to the Internet and regularly receives letters from her peers (though they still can not answer), although the thickness of the crust. I hope that in subsequent clones Syberia authors pay more attention exploring personality of the protagonist, and create something different from the set of polygons soulless, mechanical performing whim encountered on the way to the final NPC, issues which did not touch the player.

The lack of life felt in the electronic bodies without exception inhabitants game. One gets the impression that the main character – a silly android, and it communicates with the robot, delivered in the right place for scoring the next portion of the programmed text and Arien exchange with various items. Perhaps that is why the villain looks ridiculous, the main characters – the silly, and the finale – vulgar.

How much is the fish?

Looking through the entire array released this year of adventure, it is bitterly conclude that none of them has received the AG score above 65%. Exclusively on this background, Journey to the Center of the Earth look good, but if you begin to compare with the really high-quality games (and even with Syberia and even more so), the conclusion is disappointing. Before us is another artifact, created by programmers – soulless, fresh and a little bored. No beautiful unexpected plot twists, no colorful characters, exploring and making turned into a real torture. Frogwares product can only offer hungry fans of the genre as entertainment for the evening. With pre-cooked solyushenom.

System requirements
Pentium III 500 MHz
64 MB
3D-accelerator with 16 MB of memory
640 MB hard drive

Pentium III 800 MHz
128 MB
3D-accelerator with 16 MB of memory
640 MB hard drive < br>
Developer: Frogwares
Publisher: Viva Media
Release date: April 23, 2004
Distribution: retail
Multiplayer: None
Genres: Adventure
Similar games: Syberia

Tomorrow War: Factor K

"Again the dregs!'ll Have to get used to …" Andrei Rumyantsev, a senior lieutenant of the Russian aerospace Directories.

Addons are different. Some pull in to fill a full-fledged sequel, others turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. When told of such games, a short article originally bound to the growing tract. But there is a third category of "makeweights." They beg to get it stamped with a cry of "Read a review of the original!" and smear it on the page.

Latest starry voeny1

However, in fairness, I note that some of the little things have changed. So, now we sometimes allow pokomandovat link with a special menu. A set of instructions is small compared to c Freespace 2 (to issue orders to individual machines and do not dream), but carotid gatherings, replacing battle here, they suffice. The main thing – that the companions are not snapping beaks. A couple of times my comrades, "forgot" to attack the target, and in one of the missions have flatly refused to stand in line, thus failing a key task.

Of the one hundred percent good news – prettier clouds. Of course, the same field sprite "sheep" – not much, but it is much better than a thin film of mucus at the entrance to the atmosphere. The award for commitment to excellence have earned as artists who were responsible for special effects " Factor K ", and the employee, remembered the "match speed" (click on the Ctrl + N!). Finally, recognizing that the coffins of the players in the empty hours of flights on autopilot, the authors introduced a regime of acceleration of time.

Chorny wanderer

Alas, a feature designed to save the agony of waiting turned into a double-edged ends. Compression time was absolution for the designers who did not intend to take on the mind. Twelve episodes, telling us about the disassembly of the Zoroastrians, and chorugami, Wake familiar feeling hopeless longing. Instead of fighting in the name Velikorasu, so relevant to the cheers and patriotic society in Russia today, we beat thumbs: overtakes the ships back and forth, practicing landing on water (gidroflugger, exploding with a light touch to the smooth surface of the ocean – well, should be the same!) , nothing we wind parsecs, hoping to get something that does not show, but at least the bread …

, but nothing happens. Here is a typical example of the service starleya Rumyantsev. Rose into the air from a ground base on auto-pilot arrived at the specified point, waited until minoukladchik exit. Got to the ship chorugov, talked with the commander, went to the stolen cruiser "Taganrog", and – attention, action! – Spent exactly two seconds to destroy its engine. Next – the autopilot, the protocol chatter, landing on Sinandzh. Those who do not sleep on the "tension" in the next mission will be offered to jump from planet to planet, and later got involved in a gunfight scripting, which can not be killed.

"Exciting" jobs and the lame interface make you think: Is seen as in this Crioland, Mighty space simulator? Siberians are again walking on the road littered with a rake, which 15 years ago, the creators of stuffed cones X-Wing and Wing Commander .

has earned a generous helping of criticism and writer Alexander Zorich, once again transformed into soulless cyborg characters with unhealthy pioneering passion and love for kantselyaritu. The script is still deprived of vivid images, it lacks the drama of conflict of interest. Cardboard blanks, fill the space between the departures did not cause sympathy. I have repeatedly noticed that I am much more worried about the stability of the game, regularly visiting Windows with another complaint about the missing files, rather than the fate of Rumyantsev and the company. Posters ubiquitous candy "Shock XXL" ("New flavors for a new life-forms") are made with greater care than the plot outline. By the way, " Factor K " dummy was overcome latest ailment: they often speak with their mouths closed. Rate irony.


at the end of his review of the original, I suggest to all who put to its development arm, head and other limbs, watch TV series Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, in order to understand how far " The Tomorrow War " from the current standards of the genre. The Council clearly did not go for the future, therefore, add to the recipe here, these visual aids. If you take a sequel, make it, please feel worthy.

1Zdes and below are the names of chapters in the story, blockbuster, "Sovetskaya protection", which I'm sure one day will form the basis of the Russian kosmosima.

System Requirements
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2.4 GHz
512 MB
3D-accelerator with 128 MB of memory
to 8 GB hard drive

Core Duo 2/Athlon 64 3 GHz
1 GB of memory
3D-accelerator with 256 MB of memory
8 GB hard drive

Developer: CrioLand
Publisher: 1C
Release date: June 1, 2007
Distribution: retail
Multiplayer: (8) LAN, Internet
Genres: Add-on, Arcade, Simulator, Space, 3D
< b> Similar games: Homeplanet, Homeplanet: Playing with Fire, Independence War, Independence War 2: The Edge of Chaos, Starlancer, Tachyon: The Fringe, Tarr Chronicles: Ghosts, The Tomorrow War, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2: Vengeance of the Kilrathi, Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger, Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom, Wing Commander: Prophecy, Wing Commander: Secret Ops

Axis &amp; Allies (2004)

Real-Time Strategy – a surprisingly flexible genre. You can add a taste of the orcs and goblins, villains and heroes, witches and mermaids, spaceships and dragons, to carry the action in space and under the ground, at sea and on land. And once we see where the town hall, peons and spice.

Eyes charm

If the RTS, though much altered, still exist, with TBS this is not the best way. If it were not for Massive Assault, triumphant on the hard drives, one would think that the genre's time to make a feet.

cross TBS and RTS – not a new idea, but relatively fresh. For the reasons described above, very few developers can create a decent form and, both individually, not to mention impractical symbiosis. No matter how much I paid for a mixture of vorgeyma Grigsby Tiller or a "Blitzkrieg"? A lot. I'm sure.

do not want to try your patience reflections on the theme that touches familiarly related to the history of development, and yet, apparently, it is necessary. Because a game whose creators did not know how to use a book with pictures, is flawed by definition. Here's someone with a high tribunes upcoming GDC in April began a conversation with the authors, explaining clearly that the RTS, focused on the history and historical accuracy – the element of gameplay. All have not heard, but very smart to have told colleagues later.

Tanks in A & A have the same characteristics just because they, like, heavy. The choice of tactics depending on the quality of the troops of the enemy – a meaningless idea. When the Stalingrad of the 4th Panzer Army Manstein, having in service "Yagdpantery" and "Tigers", hit the flank of Marshal Zhukov (who tried the marshal's insignia in January 1943, and participation in the surroundings of the 6th Army did not take) do not worry – your loyal T-34 will be ready. So they ordered Comrade Generalissimo. Stalin (who was generalissimo, incidentally, in 1945).

Any more or less interested in the history of the people will understand that it is – bullshit.

Personal File

Well, all right. For example, in a large team of people doing (I emphasize) the historic game, no one knows the subject. He was now no one knows. What did they know how? Yes, absolutely nothing.

There is a disease – schizophrenia. This is when a person sleeps on a cot in the "cabins", but he always seems to be that he – Abramovich, or Bill Gates. Axis & Allies sheepishly pulls a blanket belonging to the Rise of Nations, but the owner is awake, as the object of a dispute there and then returned to the place, exposing the crooked, decrepit body competitor.

From the TimeGate was very nice to separate the flies from cutlets: massive mode TBS + RTS lives next door to the usual campaign for the Allies and Axis, where events follow a clear chronological order. Fortunately, the disease is not so far gone.

We will not touch the bleeding wounds of graphics, TimeGate employees still get their fair portion of the militant critics of arrows. Such an art worthy of forgiveness in the global strategy, which originally was to be the A & A, but not in the modern RTS. Ugliness – that's all I can say.


Defenders of the game, of course, necessarily lead to an argument uncommon gaming system. We can do without too much pathos – complicated, and just.

The idea is simple – put the engine of economic war on the local track. You can, of course, remember how many years ago came Dune 2, but inside is surely almost vorgeym. Despite the existence of "layfbarov" and shameless clique, Department of infantry in a position to resist superior enemy forces.

In order to refine the appearance of charges on the battlefield, the developers have invented headquarters, where he formed the infantry, airborne, mechanized and armored divisions . Battered team can be restored in the range of the supply lines, and again thrown into battle. Thus, the "construction" units – a rare necessity arising in the complete destruction of office. The number of divisions allocated to each arm (they, unlike the specific mechanisms with the same performance characteristics are the pros and cons), is limited.

Economic power is based on finance, fuel and ammunition. Since the beginning of active hostilities in the vast consumption of the front of the last two increases greatly, which means – you have to build new warehouses. Scuffling with the supply at a strategic level calls into question the genre affiliation A & A, tossed between RTS and tactical strategy. Tactics have no place to turn around here, but the strategy is actually solves a lot.

Great blunt

AI tries his actions convince us that to him very interesting. This is true. The computer opponent can deliver a lot of trouble focusing on important areas, appearing in unexpected places, and even small forces capturing the city deep in the rear.

The ability of enemy AI stand out because of inactivity friendly. As the saying goes, everything is relative. An entire division can easily observe the execution of which is in the rear, without taking any action at all. When it comes to large-scale map and smartly as the enemy, it becomes unbearable. The troops need to poke his nose in the shooting enemies, or else – death.

Summarizing the selection of ingredients for dishes that we were going to seduce, I must confess, that feel no great desire to go poking around in ugly and historically incorrect game. Achieve a decisive advantage somewhere only through the material superiority that often happened in the Second World War, in A & A is impossible. Instead – stupid bonuses, divine light optimistic soldier and sowing panic among the enemy, the deadly V-1 rocket carrying food and Li-2 aircraft.

Without options

from A & Sleeves A seemed to last an ace – a global regime, but there all sad. Starting with maps, a globe-like for the children, and ending with the very same RTS. No one makes to accompany every movement of tin soldiers in a tactical battle mode – and so boring. For the most interested have the opportunity to discuss in detail the battle of the Allies. But is it worth spending time on it, if you play boring?

is not to turn sour, think about Hearts of Iron 2 and the continuation of "Blitzkrieg". A circus called Axis & Allies even fails in good time.

System Requirements
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 1.5 GHz
256 MB < br> 3D-accelerator with 64 MB of memory
1.4 GB hard drive

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz
384 MB
3D-accelerator with 128 MB of memory
1.4 GB hard drive

Developer: TimeGate Studios
Publisher: Atari
Release date: November 2, 2004
Distribution: retail
Multiplayer: (12) LAN, Internet
Genres: Strategy, Real-time, 3D
Similar games: Rise of Nations, Sudden Strike: The Battle for Resources

Wild Earth

Safari … True fans of his reputed Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt and a whole string of politicians, show business and culture. Hunting of wild African animals is considered to be an elitist pastime, accessible to few. However, in Wild Earth we will not imitate the world's celebrities, and Hugo von Laviku (Hugo von Lawick) and Ruta Alan (Alan Root). Unfamiliar with these names? Then let's go to the other side. Imagine yourself as a ball of Buttermilk, contraction in the clutches of camera gun …

The place where the land moves on forever …

This is the way to the Maasai language is translated into English the word "siringitu". In 1913, a picturesque town in Tanzania for the first time revealed the white man's admiring gaze, and in the middle of the twentieth century, some 30 thousand square meters. km have been brought to the world famous Serengeti National Park. To enjoy the millions of individuals of different animals, now arrives about 100,000 visitors a year. Among them was our young naturalist, whose mission – to make a set of photographs of scientific papers in a dozen locations. And this will pokolesit over a wide area of ​​the reserve, looking for suitable specimens.

As usual, the fresh idea Wild Earth is based on the intersection of several genres. Shooter? Actually shots. "Stealth"? Nervous fauna does not like to sit and tries to run away (fly away) at the earliest opportunity, so it should creep. And in jobs where you have to quickly find the desired zveryushku by clicking on it during certain activities (hunting, eating, growling, scratching the back of a tree etc), visible elements of arcade. Manage uncomplicated – 4 keys to move, zoom camera, Ctrl to crouch and left mouse button to shoot. Fortunately, patronage … ugh, digicam memory is not limited.

The authors recognize that not all of us are accustomed to while away the weekend days are in the vast savannah, and in every way to help orient themselves in space. Timer is not, and if the "bad head to the feet gives no rest" on the screen comes out a compass pointing in the right direction. Additional assistance is provided by the professor, designating the place of hunting on the radio. Typically, we move on foot, but for a variety of added shooting from a helicopter and a jeep.

As you progress through the complexity of tasks increases. In the early appear baobabs, flowers and other flora unperturbed elephants and giraffes. Disrupt the session can only be in the zealous efforts (tactics – "lampposts will never attack first"). Next – zebras, hippos, various rodents, crocodiles, flamingos, melancholic, toads and just One dead fish on the banks of the river. Towards the end we are being asked to climb a cliff and perpetuate the birds and their nests, to run for the lions and leopards and watch the night life of hyenas. The final is set in the Ngorongoro Reserve, delighting the stunning scenery, the wild herds and imposing representatives of the cat family. The latter, incidentally, is not aggressive. The developers have forbidden them to devour obsessive bipeds, but in the manual touching noticed that actually approached by predators is is not worth the distance.

For good measure, the reliability of supervisor regularly gives instruction, the importance of understand that unless the scientist. Luxurious types of little concern to him, far more valuable than a handful, I'm sorry, elephant dung. And write (marked his tenure) and enthusiastically beasts mating buffaloes. While the researcher spacy worn the woods and fields faster cheetah, he risks a deaf ear to miss the interesting observations about the habits of lights and morals. However, you can do without them.

Returning to the tent camp that is completing the next mission, we choose the best shots from the set. The most advanced go on and compare their creations with the masterpieces of the masters. And then found a significant negative games.

Eternal Life

In Super X Studios with photographic accuracy, and thoroughness to reproduce what is there on the road. Animation and graphics on high, but it lacks the main thing. People go to the Serengeti, in order to look at life, which was thousands of years ago. Alas, if the virtual and real robots without a difference, where the walk – in laboratories or on a computer screen, the reality is different. Two-month puppy in front of you chew your shoes, or a home aquarium on the orders of superior computer simulator. Do not save any support for DX9 and great sound, no intense shaking grass and twigs in the wind or change of weather and time of day.

In addition, 35 species of plains animals (lions, one of nearly 3,000 individuals) and 500 species birds we show only those whose images have to decorate the publication. Thus, the whole process is reduced to playfully run for something that is different from the trees and rocks. All the "characters" conspicuous from afar, as much diversity in the vegetation there.

But this does not roam the crowds of tourists and other homo sapiens, distracting from the admiring pristine landscapes.

Everything that moves …

A wonderful concept, similar to the ideology of "Greenpeace", displays Wild Earth on the cutting edge of some crazy stupid lawyers and housewives, proceeding to rattle on violence in video games. Photorealistic appearance and noble educational intentions – a serious argument "for", and this game can safely give the child of any age. But amid the monsters the game industry, it looks like a green rookie. Yes, a promising start, but hope we do not give discounts.

System Requirements
Pentium III / Athlon 1 GHz
256 MB
3D-accelerator with 32 MB of memory
1 GB hard drive

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium 4/Athlon XP 1.8 GHz
512 MB
3D- accelerator with 128 MB of memory
1 GB hard drive

Developer: Super X Studios
Publisher: Super X Studios
Release date: September 19, 2006
Distribution: retail
Multiplayer: None
Genres: Action, 3D, Educational, Stealth
Similar games:

Spirit of Speed ​​1937

In order to avoid unnecessary questions about the lack of the traditional left of screen shots, I warn you once: the efforts of three men could not solve the problem of obtaining a pure game of pictures, which stubbornly refused to withdraw. In connection with this quietly read an overview and then go to the website developers. They have to cope with their child got better …

spoiled us. Than they are now treated to a virtual developers avtosimov motorists and racing arcade games? Most of the machines featured candy-a-la NFSHS , which at fan sites every day adds another couple of homemade crafts, or the classic creations of the I'82 , the charm which is not available to everyone. This is called the old days. But about the time when race car developed only, but included in its golden period, when the old European routes were born "formulicheskimi 'talents and the original 14-kilometer track at Spa were victorious Russian drivers (yes, there were those – Boris Ivanovo and Prince Dmitry Jorjadze) … Unfortunately, about a few recalls in this era of high speeds. The closest in meaning and spirit of the project can be considered Grand Prix Legends , a very good game in the truest sense of the word. In other words, the pre-war car competition – no end, virgin chernozem igrodelov for those who understand anything at least something in the old car. That's just a shame when plowing in this field come from people who are far from the disturbing and mysterious atmosphere, from the now-forgotten names and big victories …

Beautiful far

Antiquities – this is the best thing was the guys from Broadsword Interactive in their work Spirit of Speed ​​1937 . As the name implies, the court of the 37th year. On a continent dominated by German and Italian brands, the British for the time being trained at home, and only the Jaguars take part in the International Alpine Rally. You can tell exactly what the authors have not lost the gift of a single second, rubbing his knees and bumping their heads on low ceilings and cabinets of various dusty archives. Classic models did not differ from the shabby pictures in magazine articles about vintage cars, and are presented to our view the 15 most-most monsters that time. Outstanding representatives of Mercedes-Benz and Bugatti, the powerful Alfa Romeo, a sample of German automotive rear-Auto Union and has a dozen vehicles, taken straight from the 30s. And each of them is really individual, and before you choose a iron "friend" is worth a close look at its characteristics – on the road, they will show themselves definitely. For example, solid Napier Railton is a good rotation, but on the line to easily bypass the "light little" 750-pound Auto Union C, capable of accelerating to 305 km / h, but terribly unmanageable. In general, for every taste.

Another undeniable fact of a long and painstaking sitting on yellowed drawings and photographs are the tracks. There are only nine, but it is solid legend, though overgrown with moss, and sometimes even covered with mold. Rummaging in all sorts of clippings, I found that at least two tracks correspond to their real-world counterparts: the great Italian Monza and one of the most beautiful routes in Europe – Donington Park (during World War II it was used for military purposes, and the other British motor-racing circuit, Bruklends also present in the game was half destroyed, so today we are much more aware of post-war highways – Goodwood and Silverstone). That's just nothing to say about the paintings in the Libyan capital of Tripoli. African motor sport, you know, somehow in the shadow but the shadow … A detailed study of landscape history has shown quite a decent match. Touches such precision, as the absence of gravel fields of security and curbs, but the check-in boxes, in addition to the change tires and refuel with gasoline and oil somewhat alarming … The deeper, the more insidious is this suspicion.

How it all began …

"Right," that is the real competition, the developers decided not to enter into the game. First, there were not many, and those that were, is too small and fleeting. Secondly, it is necessary to have more tracks, nine are not razzhiveshsya. Therefore, the seasons are separated by brand cars, and some scripts just mix different classes, placing before us a task to occupy a certain place at the finish. But this is, in principle, very few people touch them. Management in a simplified measure, although the transition to the rear to handle the transfer must be having some skills in playing the piano (ideally, of course, you have to play with the steering wheel), all operating keys typed on the strength of half a dozen … what more do you want? Let's go!

view from the cockpit is great. Looking for romance will certainly stop pleasant skies and local open spaces, sometimes framed by greenery and cardboard aka the audience. By this all already accustomed to, and nobody writes the cons. All the more so, and architecture (where it occurs) also leaves a good impression. Looking geek and motorist instantly utknetes himself, where he found a nice dashboard with typical devices. What is remarkable, for each car is individual. On some models, there are luxury items as side mirrors really help when dealing with overtaking. Just a few wheels awkwardly look away … Cradles you in the review of the cab? You often have to leave the place behind the computer? Prefer dangling somewhere in the back, and even on the bumper, the camera? Indefinitely. So there are very nice shiny car body, which is clearly not spared landfills. Yes, and here specifically a mode of wrapping back, as was done in GP500 (also, incidentally, from MicroProse). But that's just this kind, and is fraught with the most terrible shock.

Three green in the air

3 … 2 … 1 … Start! Oh, miracle! From the exhaust pipe bursts with a strange cloud of greenish … This is what they then went to? I heard an interesting opinion about the castor oil … doubtful. Rather, the zelenke. For reasons of environmental safety. Maybe the developers with Greenpeace at odds. Moreover, the spray of the same color of swamp slime observed at the exit to the side. Well, if there is grass, and if the land?

Another interesting point is also associated with the emission limits for the road. As soon as at least one wheel is on the ground, the speed immediately drops to a certain point, and raise it already does, but to return the machine to its original position, it is impossible. Most striking feature of the arcade. On the other hand, it is also an indication that at least some, but the physical model. But here, the creators of contradicting themselves. This is the most, so it was empty, the model in the game is not present in any form. Because we were promised and setup of the car and deformed … where?? When you hit at a speed of 200 km / h on the concrete wall of the train was going up to the four-unspecified distance, like a child's spinning top, and then calmly continues to move forward. Well, except that the tires a little bit blurred. Therefore, to disappoint those who, logically, waiting frightful collisions, accidents, fatalities and other horrors of the past races. The term "folded like a house of cards" swept out of his head as ideologically inappropriate and generally hostile popular. But it was replaced by another – "hard as a rock." It's about our piece of iron. I do a combination of green and full of experiences neprobivaemosti oskominalnoe feeling that all the cars in the game were cast in special molds, and break off from them, something possible only with autogen. And most importantly, affects children's naive developers, never, probably, did not saw the accident. Or they just thought that 60 years ago, racing cars in the lead tank, not feared the mud … After all, even the slightest scratch on the body with the most monstrous battering ram! One, pushed, shoved, and more.

But such detail as the check-in boxes, present, and it is in the process of racing perhaps the most complete. The essence of a fairly straightforward: in the pits can fix the position of the four parameters – the level of gasoline and oil, and change of tires (front and rear). The latter, however, somewhat inaccurately. The work of the mechanics lies entirely on the fingers of the player, for an increase in each parameter is fixed to a specific key (F5-F8). But you can click at the same time, only two. So, I do not understand how you can change up to 20% worn tires on, say, 75% s? That is, it is theoretically possible, but in practice … However, it should only be glad that such a peculiar element of the modern racing was in this game. Or is it better to cry? Maybe we will hear.

Briefly, in order not to give up (summary)

on the chart, it seems, is crucified. Add to that the accelerator, and you can sleep up to SoS 1938 . Well, you can still talk about the sound, without which, perhaps, it would be boring. Is average background in the menu, along with a small review of several sections of this road worthy animates the picture, but directly in the race … The monotony of the engine growling (or buzz, as anyone), sometimes colorful sound smoother gear shift. The only pity is that the flavor of this single, able to take only a paltry percentage of the whole negative impression …

And do not fish, and meat. And it is not arcade and simulator. Popolamnik of some kind. Moreover, the soul does not lie to one side. But what was the elephant … With such historical content could easily make a mediocre sim and reap good ratings. And then like two different teams worked hard, created an arcade, and the other – a simulator. Lay down, and get a full SoS 1937 .

System Requirements
Pentium II 300
32 MB of memory

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium II 300
64 MB

Developer: Microprose
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive
Release date:
Distribution: < br> Multiplayer: None
Genres: Racing, Simulator, Sport, 3D
Similar games:

Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

It is difficult to clearly define the boundaries of today's frequently used in colloquial language the word pop. Indeed, there are no clear criteria for such a sequence of notes or a combination of colors on the monitor to accurately determine whether to attribute this creation is unknown craftsman in this category. Nevertheless, this kind of work are recognized immediately …


detective craze that gripped the recent authors quests somewhat alarming. Almost all have appeared over the past six months, the game relating to the genre, had a detective story or psevdodetektivny. And this despite the fact that this direction was the least popular, even in times of a legendary Police Quest from the Sierra. The reason for the displeasure of players around the world to understand the detectives – not all the logic works the same way as the developers. In addition, since the process of solving crimes is mostly tedious search of evidence, the dominant position is a pixel-hunting. And the logical conclusion based on a dozen different items to be difficult. Usually ended all that angry shoving a detective suffering disk (CD) with a game in the incinerator, and renounce never in my life to play this "stupid ugly."

, however, premature to draw any conclusions to anything. Yes, Nancy Drew – a detective. But perhaps all is not lost?

Gorgeous Nancy

The heroine of the game – character in the cult. This teenage girl is the protagonist a solid series of detective novels written by a group of authors under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene MA. The first book ("The Secret of the Old Clock") was published in 1930, and since then the image of Nancy Drew captured the imagination of several generations of young women. Biographical facts? You're welcome. The detective-lover, to unravel the riddle, puzzling her father's lawyer, friends George and Bess, and Ned Nikkersona appearing in some products as a close friend. Place of residence – the city of River Heights. Nancy explained the appeal of its ability to be feminine (she is smart, attractive, good, well-dressed and has excellent manners), and at the same time, demonstrate the strength, resourcefulness and courage.

And the next adventure is …

Do not go in the men's locker room

Alas, the part of the story is a wonderful instance of the utter vysosannosti of the finger. Going to the theater, kidnapping, blackmail … Just "shedevr."

And Uniforms pandemonium. What if the girlfriend was kidnapped almost under his nose? Of course, we should call the police. However, law enforcement agencies did not believe Nancy, sugary-saccharine sympathetic voice urging her to wait another day. We have to get down to business itself.

To accomplish the mission should be, primarily, to walk on slot machines. Of course, nothing is more important in the process of salvation. The purpose of all this ugliness is to get gear. Why do they need, no one bothered to explain, but the instinct that unwanted things do not happen in quests. I hasten to note – correctly suggests. But the situation is – silly.

Similarly, things and other puzzles. Why is attached to a particular place is this little problem – a mystery. In addition, the solutions of the completely obvious. For example, in the basement to open the safe, you need to dial a sequence of aces on the lock. And why aces? Oh, the website is written? Well, well.

Finally, Nancy Krivorukov fantastic, performing simple actions only by obscure combinations. A striking example is the wheel on the cornice (believe me, you still curse those Circuits). At our disposal is an excellent stick. But she could not throw off the gear to the ground, in the passage, which is easy to go down. No, we have to climb round the chairs in search of sticky gum from the bottom, and then to stick this stuff on a stick, well …

Actually, the game is strikingly similar "mikroedsky" quest Road To India . Is part of the mediocrity of the exiled writers still moved into the camp of "dream catchers", and so captured the hearts and minds there the employees that they began to repeat some of the full situation of the "masterpiece" by Microids?

spoon of honey

In spite of the technological gap, all landscapes are generated in the highest degree of quality (in fact, this method is the game no one is doing, and if first-person view – very kindly in full 3D). Active points clearly stand out among inactive subjects, although exceptions certainly occur.

A few good words can be said about the video. They stepped to the next level, even compared to Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Death (part of the previous series). Pre-rendered characters are only slightly fall short on quality digitizing to those that inhabit the world of animated film "Shrek." Expressive faces and the extent of natural movements – two big pluses.

to suffer from a weak level of IQ of players is provided "lite" version of the passage (Junior Detective) – most of the puzzles there is a lot easier. However, all this has happened before. Unfortunately, we have to acknowledge – a series of games is gradually shrinking – after the most interesting hand-drawn Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill we have proposed a somewhat more boring Message in a Haunted Mansion . What it ended up – see for yourself. Kvestostroeniya laws and the laws of organic chemistry are exactly the same: if you mix a kilo of jam kilogram of waste, – oddly enough, you get two kilograms of waste. And no graphics do not compensate for boring and illogical narrative action.

In the name of life

I believe that deep down all people – are good. And the developers The Final Scene does not want to hammer the next nail in the coffin of the long-suffering genre. They just took it into his head to earn money for the promoted brand. Here they raised a couple of minutes the subject, are scattered in a dozen levels of unrelated exercise for the brain. And suffer – to us.

System Requirements
Pentium 166
32 MB of memory

Recommended System Requirements
Pentium II 266
64 MB of memory

Developer: Her Interactive
Publisher: The Adventure Company
Release date: January 17, 2008
Distribution: retail
Multiplayer: None
Genres: Adventure
Similar games: Black Dahlia, Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill, Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger, Ripper

Sexy Beach 2: Chiku Chiku Beach

Illusion Soft has released the first in its history addon. Which game? Oh, you and the Illusion not know before? TSB quote: "Illusion – Japanese team, which specializes in three-dimensional games with erotic content." Rather, the best volume in the world of pornography. Dissolute samurai chop has a dozen questionable projects, and only some of them were translated into English by fans. And now – the first addition. Yes, such that every The Frozen Throne with Athena Sword and never dreamed of!

The world's largest

for the usual, fairly generous addon consumer spends half the time than original game. It would seem, Chiku Chiku Beach does not change anything in the Sexy Beach 2. Just adds to the company of six of the "old" girls three newcomers. But … none of that. Play it for the three models – the same as buy "Boeing" and use it on the Ring Road. Flying for new opportunities given only "tuning" of girls. Remember, as it did in the old days – chose swimsuit eye on "Baubles," Blow and swim. Now you can specify the color of the skin and (attention, a bird!) To change the beauty look: repaint the hair, lips, eyes, face paint somehow … And so are metamorphosis and the new arrivals, and all the young women have already chosen. Ie Chiku Chiku Beach one stroke increases the lifetime of the game that way in every ten. Look at the screenshots. I like the blue-eyed redhead girl in a green bikini. And you? What breast size order? Hair color? Eye color? What style swimsuit? Maybe it's better off without him? Tanned not want to? Or in glasses? Or girl-servant?

Girls, of course, improve professional skills. They … You see, they blush. Cheeks covered with a delicate blush of red sponge extends moan, back bends … further and say shame, what a disgrace. In addition, Wives looking strictly into the camera, watching her with her eyes. Oh, these views, these sighs, legs, tummies, backs, hands and ears like a cat … I'm your slave forever. In Sexy Beach 2, we were caught within the scope of the developers, and now with his own hands create dream girl. And not just one or two, and shaped harem. None of the erotic games that never was, is not in the foreseeable future will not be.

The gameplay is still not showing. Has a new location – sung in American porn car wash. Yes, a set of swimwear and decorations remained the same, but on the beach is more important form of content. In general, and hundreds of old odezhek also missing. But I would like more accessories (they lack a bit of colored offset "Change" looks for girls). But who the hell is it all when we are three new ladies? Intern classified bust size: small, medium, large. Volume increases – and decreases the quality of voice acting, and screen saver is not interesting, and the breast is like not so striking (illusion). Carrie bully, for example, announced a six plus five, and busty Alicia communicates with one sample "thick tetka.wav." But repetition – Practice makes perfect. In Chiku Chiku Beach you will find ten variations of appearance for each of the fairer sex. Multiply by three color, fifty "suits" and twenty flowers in her hair … Total – two hundred and fifty thousand women. Is this not a game of the future?


Still "Our choice", but very close. Once the project A-GA from the same Illusion does not permit us to name Chiku Chiku Beach perfection and spend the rest of the life of contemplation female bodies. There will be for all of rounded plot, character development, experience points and other attributes of the computer … ahem … games.

System requirements
Pentium III 800 MHz,
256 MB of memory
3D-accelerator with 32 MB of memory
4.5 GB of hard drive
Windows 2000/XP
Sexy Beach 2

Pentium III / Athlon XP 1.4 GHz
256 MB
3D-accelerator with 64 MB of memory
4.5 GB of hard drive
Windows 2000/XP
Sexy Beach 2

Developer: Dreams
Publisher: Illusion Soft
Release date: February 4, 2004
Distribution: retail
Multiplayer: None
Genres: Arcade, 3D, For Adults
Similar games: Artificial Girl, Sexy Beach, Sexy Beach 2, Virtual Valerie 2